Over 30,000 miles. That’s how much I’ve traveled this year. Here’s why.

I see a need to transform how we engage our customers, to be far more relevant. I see a need to curate our next generation presales, to give them a place to be. I see a need to up the ante, on the nature of work we do for our customers. I see a need to activate our technical sales force, for larger outcomes simply because we have the talent. And so, this is my undertaking – building the enterprise architecture practice within the Dell EMC presales organization.

This is how far we’ve gone – all through the lens of my iPhone. Enjoy.

photoblog - musuem
January 2017, New York City @ The Museum of Natural History  || Work culture – arguably culture is the hardest element to shift in any transformation effort. But that’s where real impact is – the presales organization interacts with the broadest, most diverse customers. And that’s where I had to start with. 
photoblog - hoover
March 2017, Las Vegas Nevada. @ The Hoover Dam || I knew we had to double-down on relevance and impact to our customers. We have the building blocks under Dell Technologies, the sales force and the insights. We needed a framework to set things in motion – enterprise architecture. That became the main rudder in shaping this practice.
photoblog - sf tracks
March 2017, San Francisco. @ the middle of the tram tracks || Customer journey – what would the customer experience be like, if they journeyed with Dell Technologies today? It has to be a unified experience across all that we do – aligned to the customer’s motivations. 
photoblog - NTT docomo tower
April 2017, Tokyo Japan. @ the office with a view of the NTT Docomo Tower || Harnessing insights about our customers is not easy. The merger, however, brought together multiple sources of insights that need to be structured. Hence, the start of a continuous process of knowing our customer’s motivations. 
photoblog - red rock
May 2017, Las Vegas Nevada. @ Red Rock Canyon || Customers actually need capabilities, not products. A capability-driven approach, a core practice in EA, aligns great products towards delivering a capability and its associated outcomes.
photoblog - marina bay
May 2017, Singapore. @ Marina Bay Sands || Enterprise architects need to be experts in balancing perspectives – between the immediate term to the long term, and between issues, aspirations and future trends.  
photoblog - marina bay2
June 2017, Singapore. @ Marina Bay || By June, we have had initial insights and breakthroughs. This allowed us to set in place maturity models for focused transformation streams – digital, IT, workforce and security. It was shaping out pretty well. 
photoblog - great walljpg
July 2017, Beijing China. @ The Great Wall || The best part about scaling the Great Wall of China, with clear skies, is the amazing view. Period. So should the IT road maps that we build for customers – it has to give clarity in breadth and depth. 
photoblog - seoul
July 2017, Gangnam South Korea. @ The Starfield Library || This is one beautiful library, although I wasn’t sure if the books on the rack are accessible 🙂 Anyway, it’s enriching to be exposed to the state of affairs, the scale, variety and ironically, the similarities of the top 60 enterprise customers in Asia. I knew we were on the right track when our teams expressed new found clarity and understanding.  
photoblog - kl
July 2017, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. @ The Sultan Abdul Samad Building || Good thing I take photos with the iPhone – this shot was unplanned. The word strategy is often used in blasphemous ways in IT, often lacking reason. One core principle for us is, strategy has to find its roots in a vision, a motivation. The output for the customer must have a tightly aligned context. 
photoblog - mumbai
August 2017, Mumbai India. @ The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport  (photo credit : Josephine Lim) || One critical part of EA for us is around communicating and socializing ideas and plans. And so we develop artefacts and templates to do so consistently. 
photoblog - queen vic
August 2017, Sydney Australia. @ Queen Victoria’s Building || Who would have thought that Ipoh Garden Bhd (a Malaysian company) holds the lease to the QV Building. The work done to restore and maintain this place is phenomenal. And that’s another one of our tenets designed into the EA practice – it’s not a one time effort. A customer’s architecture must be reviewed, steered and maintained. 
photoblog - melbourne
August 2017, Melbourne Australia. @ the Verra River || The most livable city for 7 consecutive years – I’m sure even the gulls agree. Lots to learn here about recreating – where our architects are taught to toggle between execution and strategy in 80-20 fashion. Develop’s one’s ability to create and architect effectively. Ain’t easy. No one said it was 🙂 
photoblog - shinjuku
August 2017, Tokyo Japan. @ the hotel lobby overlooking Shinjuku Station || This was dawn at Century Southern Tower Hotel, on the 20th floor hotel lobby. There’s much to do, but we have achieved much in a short period of 7 months. Feels like running a startup. And if that’s true, then this canvass is ours for the taking. Watch this space.

Next stop : London.