In everything that we do, we pursue relevance passionately.

We strive for the highest levels of relevance with our clients. We have always striven to be far more relevant than our competitors, new or old. 

We are the platform on which enable our clients to find their relevance in the business and the markets that they play in. We do this through a fine balance of technology, process, economics and a tight embrace of trends that are to come.

So that, when clients are forced to change, we are ready. We adapt with them.

And it is at Dell Technologies that we carry this through. We are a group of strategically aligned capabilities, that drive sustainable change for our clients. We pursue outcomes for our clients incessantly. We do this through our teams of system engineers and architects. We do this through a top-down process, that brings out the right outcome for our clients.

We are a technology company. Technology leadership is our DNA.

This is Mike’s Take on Dell Technologies.