It’s official. We are DellEMC! And we kicked it off at a high at our SE Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.

The conference was, in many ways, unprecedented. But it was truly the insights department that shone brightest. Here’s a quick-draw list of outstanding insights from South East Asia’s #DellEMC SEs at the recently concluded conference :

  1. Overall, SEA SEs have the depth to architect the toughest and most complex of requirements involving a plethora of technology, defining processes for clients, and establishing the right strategy and roadmaps  – cutting across government, telecoms, financial services and oil and gas.
  2. One of the SEs developed a prototype banking data model. It’s a model that gives a strong context to how banks can be custodians of data, and leverage the old and new data sources to stay ahead in a digital landscape. Watch this space.
  3. SEs supporting the telecoms space has consistently delivered IT strategies that are highly relevant to telecom companies that are evolving into communications / commerce / community companies.
  4. SEA SEs swarmed the DevOps hands-on workshop, where they learned how to build their own cloud native app and run it on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Our conference app was also modified and customized from the source code by our SEs. The interaction and user data was then analyzed and visualized on Splunk.
  5. There was hard-core, geeky technical depth from our specialist teams. We were treated to a plethora of geek depth, from the world’s largest HBase-on-Isilon, to how to thwart ransom-ware, to VPLEX 6.0, to hyper-converged SDDC, and to the time-bending DSSD (because it is too fast)!
  6. We were treated to the stuff that are now trending, namely containers and Native Hybrid Cloud. Our very 0wn SEs demonstrated the depth and on-the-ground experience in engaging with clients on these.
  7. Finally, we had an SE that put forth a compelling vision of how the role of the Presales / SE will change in years to come.

There’s more to the list, but these are the evidences that our #DellEMC SEA SEs are world beaters.