Higher. Faster. Stronger.

That’s how we will roll in South East Asia. Nothing else describes  it better. Just look at the epic future coming our way in size and excitement. And as system engineers, presales, techies and architects, this is a massive opportunity to transform  yourself and enrich your skills! #DellEMC #BroadestPortfolio #TopDownThinking #Outcomes #ImmenseOpportunities.

So, there’s no better way to kick  off this new beginning, than through the ultimate launchpad – the SE CONFERENCE 2016 right here in Bangkok!

The philosophy of the conference :

  1. We learn best from the best peers. We have an immense wealth of experience and brains here in SEA. It’s time to fully tap into it and be a region of content creators. 
  2. We crave for real, on-the-ground experiences. We learn a lot from successes, but even more so from challenges and failures. Look out for these.
  3. We believe in self-leadership when it comes to staying ahead. So, take your pick of content to learn, to master and to make an impact in SEA.

Here’s a snapshot of the awesome action converging in Bangkok!

  • Crazy situations that pit our SEs against impossible odds.
  • Learn how to code and build your own app.
  • The world’s largest HBase-on-NAS installation in its full geeky glory, here in SEA.
  • A prototype model of how banks can be data custodians, and continue to make money of data.
  • Strategies and guerilla tactics to stay ahead of the tech and disruption curve. 

I can hardly wait. See you in Bangkok. Kop kun krub.