From my last post, we covered the first goal of a Modern DC – keeping IT lean. The other goal  of a Modern DC is this :

  • Another part of your business is growing and needs to grow (digital line). This is spawning a flurry of IT activities with new IT stacks – digital apps, new middleware, new infrastructure services, new IT SLAs, new demands, new client demographics (mobile-first), new expectations.So, while this line of business is the new norm, this line of business still typically pales in comparison to traditional lines. Take banking as an example. Digital banking is the future, but it’s not yet sufficient to supplant core and internet banking today. That’s why IT has to learn quickly from digital leaders, and adopt the right IT elements quickly. See an abridged version of Gartner’s Nexus of Forces (below). Like it or not, all-things digital has driven businesses to rely on IT more than ever before. Have the right perspective and make the right decision and IT will be a hero.

mdc - gartner

Here’s Mike’s Take on ways how IT can play an active role in facilitating innovation for the digital lines of business, with a modern data center. 

mdc innovation

  1. Being digital really means putting your store front on a mobile app first. And the mobile app must be revised rapidly to keep consumers satisfied with the app and continue residing in the phone. Agile app development (PaaS + Microservices + DevOps structure) is key.
  2. But, before you can make changes to the services and UI/UX, you must know what’s good / bad about the app. How? Through analytics (data ingestion, persistent landing space, data lake, in-place hadoop, structured and unstructured data unity, data visualization, etc.) 
  3. Once the changes are made to the apps, deploy new instances of the revised app rapidly. Cloud services are key (PaaS especially + IaaS).
  4. In order for this to take place, the base IT services must be in place – the right infrastructure services. In this case, converged infrastructure with modern DC elements (flash, software, scale, cloud-integrated). Why? It’s the consistency of SLAs that converged infrastructure delivers – consistent deployment, consistent management, elimination of bottlenecks, right services made available, etc. On top of that, fast deployment gives innovation the much needed speed. Today, there is CI for modern applications (3rd platform stuff) based on CloudFoundry and OpenStack and software-defined stuff. Check out VxRack Neutrino and the Native Hybrid Cloud.
  5. Next is security. Today, the advantage of having your stuff on-prem is this – there is no fear of data being made accessible to off-prem service providers. Anyway, with mobile apps, the surface of attack and sophistication has exponentially grown. In a nutshell, it’s about intelligence-based security (security analytics + mobile and web fraud detection + risk-based authentication).
  6. Finally, skills. Easy – keep on learning, people!

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