The life of a presales goes something like this : learn a technology, master it, augment it with customer experiences, then master another one. A T-shaped technologist.

So, many years back, one of my more defining learning moments came through Architectural Thinking and then TOGAF. Both classes gave me a taste of how various technologies come together to deliver an outcome. And yes, it is not just about fancy diagrams, alien jargons and complex workflows. It gave me an enlightening appreciation of the thinking behind putting it all together. A W-shaped technologist.

Sounds almost magical… What’s the catch? It takes practice. It takes conditioning.

So, here’s Mike’s Short Take on being comfortable with architecture frameworks as you begin to dip your toes into the water.

  1. Business outcomes always drive technology usage and deployment, regardless whether you are in the mainframe era, or the digital one right now.
  2. That means, the same flow of thought applies : knowing the desired outcome, establishing the current state, and figuring out what needs to change.
  3. That also means that the universal hierarchy of things IT still applies : Business-Data-Application-Technology.
  4. It’s important to have a layman’s understanding of the output of the framework. What does it actually do?
  5. Since it’s a framework, treat it like one. It’s meant to be a guide / reference, not the goal. As the practitioner, make relevant adjustments according to the audience.
  6. And to do so, apply, apply, apply.

In EMC, the transformation is underway with a select team of top techies. The goal is to build a new breed of techies that have a broad understanding of digital transformation in various industries, as well as experts in a couple of domains and industries.

Watch for it.