A business technologist is someone who serves to provide support / presales / consulting / solution / architecture services to enterprise businesses. You are called by many names – SE, presales, SA, EA, consultant, etc. You could either be with an end user, or a vendor. Ultimately, you guide companies to make the right technology decisions. Technologists today are pressured to be “architects-cum-specialists-cum-financial-gurus-cum-soothsayers-cum-magicians” (in some instances) to make sure businesses run well!

Here in SEA, there is a natural emphasis on the technical knowledge, the IQ. This will always be important. But to cope and thrive in this outcome-based digital age, coupling IQ with the right behavioral skills (EQ) is key.

So, here’s Mike’s Take on the 8 behavioral attributes that all technologists should reflect on.

  1. Driven By – Are you driven by the completion of tasks at hand, or by the larger goal found in the end game?
  2. Ability to Act – Do you need clearly defined specifications to act, or do you lead and thrive in ambiguous situations and create the context for the team to act?
  3. Ability to Scope Out Needs – Do you focus only in your domain of expertise, or do you constantly push the envelope to extract business imperatives and the reasons behind the needs?
  4. Building Value Propositions – How do you support your case? Does your technology proposition drive a tight business outcome?
  5. Handling Roadblocks – Are you able to understand and appreciate various points of views of those who seem like roadblocks to your plans?
  6. Thought Leadership – Do you normally expect requestors to know what they want, and get indignant when they don’t? Or do you lean on your experience and set the directions and lead with your ideas?
  7. Level of Coverage – Do you know the goals and imperatives of your sponsors and decision makers?
  8. Breadth of Self-development – Are you still in your comfort zone?

Let me know your thoughts on this 🙂